New names, same old criminals

We were alerted by a commenter recently as to Colin “Criminal” McAskill’s recent activities. It seems that Sunseeker Energy is finally being haunted by it’s criminal activity from stealing from hundreds of victims. Now Colin apparently has changed his name to “Jeff Barnes” and created a new company called GUIDEPOST INVESTMENTS LIMITED ( ). Hmm, why does that name sound so familiar to me? Reminds me of some people in the past involved in the Sunseeker Energy Scam. A search of the company registries for this new company, shows the director for GUIDEPOST INVESTMENTS LIMITED as Jeffrey Ian Barnes. Now I remember, that is the same person who was the director for SUNSEEKER ENERGY (UK) LIMITED.  Now it’s beginning to make sense. The other director of that company was the mysteries Geoffrey Ian Taylor who disappeared after the journalism piece linking him to weapons snuggling to North Korea.  Could there be some relation? Like perhaps father and son? Now I see that Colin as least still has some of his old friends and it looks like they are helping him to continue to steal from people! Someone grab them if you see them and bring them to prison!

I guess it’s time for Colin and his criminal team to register another company to start stealing from people through.



Geoffrey Ian Taylor article –

Also keep on the lookout for which is a holding company used by Colin Criminals & Co.

Marketing Genius Colin “Criminal” McAskill releases his entire investor email list by mistake

Yesterday the brains behind such criminal scams as Sunseeker Energy and numerous others sent out a Sunseeker Investor Email asking for more money. I was quick to email everyone on the list and remind them of Colin’s criminal history. The ones who replied did not need much reminding as there were only stories of theft and misery. I have included the document below for those who are interested.  Here are a couple of gems though:

“Our focus for 2015 continues to be the identification, and where suitable, project
development of long-term revenues and profits opportunities, making use of our developed technologies.”

Wow, you guys are so profit focused. Your investors must really be happy about their return on the investments with you. So what is the annual rate of return for someone who invested say between 2007 – 2010?

“We are currently working with an investment manager and groups based in the United Kingdom and South Africa, intended to finance such opportunities.”

Oh, you need more financing? I’ll bet the line is really long given your excellent track record. Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to ask you why you aren’t in prison already? Just keep this up it will just be a matter of time.

Sunseeker Energy Newsletter January 2015

Cutting Edge Technology – Sunseeker Energy Patent # PCT/AU2009/000540

Here we review the patent application that Sunseeker Energy bragged about and is the only claimed value that the company offered. Unfortunately the application was rejected. Here are the details:

Sunseeker’s announcement:

Actual Patent Application:

Opinion Rejecting the Application:


In the response to the patent claims it is repeated that: “it is considered that a person skilled in the art would, in seeking a solution to the problem being addressed, be motivated to combine the disclosures of each of the documents to arrive at the invention as claimed.”

And finally the concluding response, “I consider that this difference between the claimed invention and the citation constitutes no more than a mere workshop improvement. It constitutes an analogous arrangement that any competent worker in the art would be expected to make directly and without difficulty and by routine steps alone. Therefor the invention does not involve an inventive step.”

Cutting edge innovation if you ask me. The investors can be proud.

Who is this genius inventor John Anthony Howard and how can we get ahold of him?

But seriously, if that’s not fraud I don’t know what is.

Request for Victim Submissions


Just to provide a brief update. We have been receiving a lot of activity in the comments section but unfortunately not a lot of submissions. We truly need victims to add their names to our list in order to move forward. Please complete the below form and tell all your victim friends to do the same.

Thank you

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Level of Sophistication

There have been some recent comments regarding how easy this scam was to spot. It may be true that this might have been easy to spot for the savvy investor. But there was a significant amount of effort that went into presenting this as a legitimate company. I am including some of their promotional materiel below for others to see.  It seems the bankers were also fooled then since they allowed Sunseeker Energy to be listed and traded on the Frankfurt stock exchange.

General Promotional




Why Sunseeker

Stock Listing






Help us catch the Sunseeker Energy criminals

It goes back to 2008 and earlier for many victims of this investment fraud. There has been much pain and loss and hopefully most have found a way to deal with the great pain and hardships that we and our families have endured. But the reality is that no one was ever caught and these criminals are still out there running scams. A few people have tried to do what they could but the way that Sunseeker operated in so many different jurisdictions has made it very difficult.

So far there has not been one source where victims could report their losses. Our goal is to be that source and go to the appropriate authorities in each jurisdition. The challenge is to have them take us seriously. The total sum of investment losses matters. The larger the combined losses the more seriously authorities will take this. Please do not submit your information if you are not prepared to provide all supporting documentation to authorities. We realize there are some who were convinced to try and accept their shares in offshore accounts and because of that may not be willing to get involved.

So please help us by submitting the following information and we will keep everyone updated with status updates here.

Use the below form to submit your information.